Top Five tips for hairs grow faster - 2019

Top Five tips for hairs grow faster - 2019

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the lesson today's article is one of the most questions article of all time for who love their hairs more than his/her life's so today I am gonna teach you how to go from DOLD to dry smooth soft and healthy hair keep in your mind I will also teach you how to grow your hair faster

Follow these 5 tips and you will be one step closer to your goal.

 Hairs grow faster Tip number 1.

Top Five tips for hairs grow faster - 2019

 Don't shampoo your hair every day

 I suggest you look you can wash your hair every single day if you need too but that does not mean to you should use always shampoo so this is what I suggest shampoo only it can be needed too because it can be harsh on your hair and scalp. I wash my hair 4 or 5 times in a weak but I only shampoo twice or maybe 3 times in a weak every of the time I used water and conditioner that it trust me to try that and your hair will grow so much healthy.

 Hairs grow faster  Tip 2. 

Top Five tips for hairs grow faster - 2019

Don't be aggressive 

after you get out from the shower don't be aggressive on the towel for dry. or you gonna end up losing a lot of hairs because hairs are extremely weak when you take a shower when its wet and try not to use a comb when your hair is wet.

 Hairs grow faster  Tip 3. 

Top Five tips for hairs grow faster - 2019

Don't go to bed when your hairs are wet

Because we end up moving all night and moving your head from pillow or on bed and that could also cause breaks your hairs while its wet if you do want to minimize the damage I suggest you take a silk pillow its case lots softer when you moving side to side trying to find the best position to sleep.

 Hairs grow faster  Tip 4. 

Top Five tips for hairs grow faster - 2019

Get some  Argan Oil

something that I added to my routine and cannot live without is argan oil it makes my hair smell amazing it makes its soft shiner and smooth so even when I travel I bring one of the bottles of argan oil it helps to escape and so dandruff.

 Hairs grow faster  Tip 5.

Top Five tips for hairs grow faster - 2019

 Avoid Dyeing / Bleaching 

I am saying that because it contains like ammonia that can really damage your hairs or even dry your scalp I only do that once lost some hairs I won't suggest doing this or if you wanted to do bleach or dying so do it carefully and follow these tips.  
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