How to delete someone facebook account 2019

How to Delete Someone Facebook Account 2019

Note: this article is for education purpose only we do not have any intention for blocking or disable someone's facebook account.

Hello, guys welcome to my new fresh article. if you a Facebook user you must know this how to block someone's facebook account on facebook because of this a major problem on facebook. many peoples shared nudity pics and videos on social media. I am sure you also have seen these things on facebook. if you wanted to delete their facebook book account then read the full article I will explain to you how to disable someone facebook account in just simple steps so let's get started :{

1 step. open your facebook account and log in on Facebook and find your victim FB profile. as i open in the below picture. follow the pictures to understand well

how to delete someone facebook account 2019

2 step. now you have the fb profile of the victim as you can see in the above picture now its reporting time. seeing? those 3 dots? from the top right of the above picture click on it.

how to delete someone facebook account 2019

3 step. now the Facebook team will give you several options and you have to choose which report will work on victims profile. if the victim's profile dost not contain nudity or inappropriate posts then you just have to choose the fake account report. as I do

how to delete someone facebook account 2019

4 step. after hitting the fake account report you will see the submission popup page. done your fake account reports has done after 3 to 4 hours facebook team will review the facebook account that we report if something occurs suspicious in the victim account they will block/or submit to the reverifying process

how to delete someone facebook account 2019

Now you have learned how to report someone on facebook in just simple steps. 

Extra tips

If you are willing to remove someone facebook account badly then use VPN connect to United state and hit the report from 5 to 10 accounts with change VPN or proxy the account will get a block in 5 to 6 hours. I have done this before at least you have to hit 5reports at the same time with change facebook ids this method is only for education purpose only. 

If you guys want a FULL method of VPN that will work definitely in 2019 then comments below :{

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