All versions of whatsapp app - How to download whatsapp apk

HELLO RADAR! like all of you, guys know about the one of a trending social media platform called WHATSAPP. if you guys don't know about how to Download WhatsApp app and if you guys wanted to know about how to Download WhatsApp apk then you guys are in the perfect place.

WhatsApp app is now one of the trending app in all over the country every single person on India does know about the trending app called Whatsapp app

1.Official Normal WhatsApp

All versions of whatsapp app - How to download whatsapp apk

normal WhatsApp app rarely used in India because in India much peoples are educated. that's is why many peoples are don't know about the new versions of the WhatsApp app. normal WhatsApp app can download in playstore. and it can install easily. through the Android phone.

Click here to download the latest WhatsApp app official. 

2. GB WhatsApp app

All versions of whatsapp app - How to download whatsapp apk

GB WhatsApp is the second version of the WhatsApp official app. and it is not available on playstore if you wanted to install the GB WhatsApp app. then you need to install the apk of GBwhatsapp app. this app is made for users who are interested in downloading others status images,

Feature of GB WhatsApp app

1. status download available in one click
2. you can watch the video without download by just clicking on the video
3. customized themes & layout
4. much attraction.

Click here to download the latest GBWhatsApp app.

3.Whatsapp plus

All versions of whatsapp app - How to download whatsapp apk

WhatsApp Plus is one the popular app in India. because GB WhatsApp name a little bit harder keyword compare to the official WhatsApp app. WhatsApp official app keyword show some WhatsApp plus keywords. that's is why WhatsApp plus app a little popular from the GB WhatsApp app. and WhatsApp plus app is advanced from GB WhatsApp app. this version of WhatsApp is a little bit advanced from all WhatsApp apps or mods.

Feature of WhatsApp plus

1. status downloadable
2. plus themes which are not in GB WHATSAPP app
3. view image  without download
4. new emojis and stickers.

Click here to download the latest WhatsApp plus app.


If you guys want a better experience of WhatsApp app i will recommend you download the GBwhatsapp app because I used it. it is better than any other WhatsApp app.well if you guys having a problem for downloading apps or any other issue then you guys can comment below see ya :{
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