Blue light of the smartphone is Harmful, it can also causes blindness

Blue light of the smartphone is Harmful, it can also causes blindness

Blue light of the smartphone is Harmful, it can also causes blindness

Nowadays, not only children and young people, but the elderly always stay on the phone. In addition to minor losses, this habit can also lead to major illness. Recent research suggests that the small light emanating from the intelligent light emits small wavelengths that are very active compared to other colors. Staying in touch with them can damage your eyesight. As a result, the light-sensitive parts of the human's retina, Macula and Macular, are affected. Vital molecules in the retina of the eye can turn smartphone lights or digital devices into lethal cells.

This study is done at the University of Toledo. It is said that blue light emanating from smartphones or other digital devices is not only dangerous but can make people blind. The experts said that the name of macular degeneration is an illness of the right eye in which the vision remains unchanged. Experts say the problem is rapidly worsening the elderly, even if young people are not spared. The average starts between 50 and 60 years old.

In this, the photo-receptor cells present in the retina die. These cells need the retinal molecule to understand the light, in order to be able to transmit the cerebral signal associated with it. The cornea and the lenses can not block or reflect. This thing is no longer hidden from anyone that blue light damages our eyesight by damaging the retina. Professor Kararatne says that the drug should slow the process of macular degeneration, as a specialist in eye drops, will soon be manufactured. This study was published in the journal Scientific Reports.

Is my phone making me dark?

Caution is needed when using smartphones, laptops and other screen devices. In fact, the lead author of the study, Ajit Karunarathne, PhD, asked The Wergers that their research had shown that blindness was done using electronic displays, and they responded with a big "not at all".

Threat to the brain

Sticking to mobile phones throughout the day can be dangerous for your health. Recent research has shown that if you're connected to mobile all the time, it can be a threat to the brain. People who spend more than 15 hours a day on their cell phones are three times more likely to develop a brain tumor. It is believed in research that people working in the field of sales and business to young people on the phone, the risk related to the brain is greater. The researchers found in their study that most victims of brain tumors spent more than 15 hours a month talking on their cell phones. The International Agency for Research on Cancer of the World Health Organization has also expressed the possibility of obtaining carcinogenic electromagnetic waves from mobile phones. Although researchers consider this study very early in the study.

Losses due to excessive use of smartphones

After using mobile stations in many places, the mobile is discarded. But that does not eliminate the toxic chemicals that are there. Every year, hundreds of millions of mobile phones are launched around the world after experiments. Because of these chemicals and hazardous metals are found in the soil and water and through this, the poison spreads water and soil and many hazards can increase diseases. These mobile phones contain lead, bromine, chlorine, mercury and cadmium, which are harmful to your health.

In mobile mobiles, polycloninated biophylene chemicals are released, decreasing the immune system. The use of the mobile can cause disorders of the lever and the thyroid. A cheap and aesthetic phone can also harm your health. Avoid using the mobile as much as possible. Mobile radiation can also damage your ears.
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